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There are a number of key points you need to consider regarding what asking price to set for your home.

All homes in the same road, aren't priced the same

Firstly, just because the house three doors away is on the market for £x it does not necessarily follow that yours is worth the same, more or indeed less.

Home improvements make a difference!

Secondly, prospective buyers may pay more or less, depending upon the standard of decoration and presentation of your property, any changes to bathrooms and kitchens, extensions, condition and size of the garden, parking and a south or north facing garden. Thirdly, market conditions, influenced by the four seasons and the Economic cycle, all have their part to play. All this means that you must speak to an experienced local estate agent.

You will receive our honest opinion

Achieve the maximum price

The Wilkinson Partnership will offer an honest opinion about how to market your property in an effort to achieve the maximum price.

But... Keep it realistic

This won't be an over-inflated figure in an attempt to secure your instruction as this is in nobody's interest and is counter-productive.

Or... Your home will be on the market for too long

There are few house buyers out there who aren't sufficiently clued up to know when something is just too expensive and over pricing will simply mean that, if you decide to sell, your house will be on the market for longer than is necessary. Please bear this in mind when instructing other agents to value your house.

Find out how much your house is worth

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