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The Wilkinson Partnership has been in the relocation business since 1992, acting as an agent for all the UK's leading Relocation Companies and in association with major National Housebuilders with their part-exchange schemes. After studying various proven relocation models in the United States during 1994, we recognised the opportunities for this growing market in a high mobility area such as the Milton Keynes region.

We have a dedicated team of relocation specialists based in Central Milton Keynes, who work closely with personnel/human resources departments of employers large and small across the UK.

In many instances we will be working with partner firms to provide an overall package, dependent on the needs of the relocating firm or employee.

Services provided by Relocation Department

  • Detailed up-to-date local knowledge of the housing market and property prices
  • Outright house purchase schemes through our partner firms
  • Assistance with local house price analysis and comparison with departure location
  • Personalised information packs tailored to provide relevant information on school catchment areas, transportation times and routes, crime rates etc.
  • On-line conveyancing with individual password providing real time access to the employee’s own file
  • No move, no fee legal services
  • Full home search facility for key executives in conjunction with Stacks Relocation
  • Country-wide house-sale referral service to the UK’s leading independent estate agents
  • Group visits and tours of the destination area
  • Group presentations to relocating staff in the destination area or at the workplace
  • Regular reporting and assistance from our staff to the employee
  • Locally negotiated discounts and preferential rates to known suppliers. i.e. removals, carpets.

Advantages to HR/Personnel Department

  • Saves your company time and money and increases efficiency for the firm and the employee
  • Helps to retain key staff and makes the relocation process much more acceptable
  • Increases the productivity and effectiveness of the relocating employee
  • Frees up the HR/Personnel Department’s resources through out-sourcing to ourselves
  • Helps to improve and maintain high relocation acceptance rates to staff
  • Provides direct cost savings to the company and the employee through negotiated discounts and preferential known suppliers
Kevin Edwards, Corporate Relocation Specialist

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Our relocation department is headed by Kevin Edwards.

If your company is relocating, contact us now.

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