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The following offers a range of simple hints and tips for the successful sale of your house. Some ideas may seem obvious but, given that you live in your house and see it every day, it is not unusual for people to become "blind" to some things that will be an immediate turn-off to potential new purchasers. Why not invite us to give you a free valuation today?

A "For Sale" board

When you decide to sell, we strongly recommend that you agree to have a "For Sale" board. The presence of a crisp, properly erected board stimulates a positive response from prospective buyers.

We receive more genuine enquiries from our "For Sale" boards than we do from all our advertising in the Local Press

If you really don’t want your neighbour's to know that you're selling, we will be the soul of discretion, but to be honest, there is not much hope of keeping it quiet for long. Neighbours are bound to notice people measuring your house and garden. They'll almost certainly see different cars calling at all hours and people eyeing the roof, peering into the garage and clutching pieces of paper.

Let us use your neighbour's interest. They all have friends and relatives and the more people who know your property is on the market, the more opportunities you will have of obtaining the Best Market Price in the Shortest Possible Time.

The "Unaware" Buyer

Bathrooms sell housesThere are many potential buyers who do not take an active interest in the property market; they do not read property advertisements in the local newspapers or scan Estate Agents’ windows.

You must attract the interest of these buyers and one way to do so is a "For Sale" board. It is always a surprise to see a board appear in your neighbourhood. You may pass by a large poster advertisement because you have become accustomed to it but when a "For Sale" Board pops up everyone takes immediate notice.

Very often, the person who calls us has not been considering moving. They have been waiting for something to trigger their interest and a "For Sale" board achieves just that. The board also helps anyone who has made an appointment to find your property – particularly important on busy roads and on dark evenings.

If you have decided to sell your property, it is probably one of the most important financial transactions of your life. You will quite reasonably expect us to obtain for you the very best possible market price. You may be assured we will do all we can to achieve just that and a "For Sale" board will help us to help you.

First Impressions
A well-mown lawn, neat paths, attractive flowerbeds and a garden free of litter make the right impact with prospective buyers. A little pruning, cultivating and thinning out can work wonders.

Try to leave space for the viewer to park. If the potential purchaser has to walk a long way from their car, they may be put off or think that there is a parking problem.

A little effort
Unless the interior of the home is a bit shabby, a complete redecoration is not necessary, but small repairs, especially those you can do yourself, certainly pay off. Remember, a buyer's first impressions of a house are the most important.

A Sparkling home
Clean your windows and walls. Sparkling worktops, polished hardware and gleaming floors really impress the average buyer. Also, remove clutter. New home buyers want to be able to see the rooms, not your collections of teddy bears or thimbles.

Household Pets
Some people are frightened of pets, even allergic to cats; so please keep them out of the way - perhaps in your own car while the viewing is taking place - and try to ensure you've removed all animal hair and feeding bowls before we show people around.

Let there be light
On dull days, always brighten up the home by turning on the lights. Open curtains and blinds to let the daylight in. Soft lighting always enhances the home, so no harsh lighting except in kitchens and bathrooms.

Fresh flowers around the house help to cheer it up and give an impression of cleanliness and freshness.

Keep a "Low Profile" – please
Better let the professionals tell the viewers about the property. Just be available when they view in case they have any questions for you. Our Negotiator knows what a buyer needs and can point out the best features of your house. When showing people around, it is a good idea not to rush them. Let them take their time, don’t talk so hard that they can’t get clear impressions. Let them discover things for themselves. Save some nice or attractive features of your house until last so that they are left with a pleasant impression.

Remember, the buyer is uncomfortably aware that he or she is in someone else’s house and if he sees you in the shadows he will hurry his viewing and stifle his objections. We must discover these objections in order to make a sale!

Don't talk price
Let your Wilkinson Sales Negotiator discuss price, terms and other factors with the prospective purchaser. He is trained to bring negotiations to a conclusion satisfactory to both parties.

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